UNESCO Appeals for $600,000 Immediate Assistance to Restore Radio Broadcasting in Aceh

Source: UNESCO

The programmes and projects relating to emergency relief and post disaster response will have major difficulties if there are no effective communication channels available to disseminate information.

The whole issue of reaching people in terms of food security, water, sanitary measures, health, nutrition, shelter and non-food items are virtually impossible without a channel to disseminate and communicate information. Radio is the most affordable operational medium in such situations.

However, the radio stations that existed in the affected areas of the Aceh province are no longer in a position to continue their operations. The initial assessment shows that 11 radio stations are damaged or destroyed. The four radio stations which existed in the Meulaboh area have been completely wiped out.

Therefore this initiative is proposed to restore radio broadcasting in Aceh with a view to support disaster communication in understanding the disaster relief efforts and supporting the psychological needs of displaced people by providing hope for survival and resurrection.

Partners in the implementation of the project will be UNESCO’s International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC), the Radio for Democracy Network, the Indian Association of Private Radio Stations (Persatuan Radio Siaran Swasta Nasional Indonesia – PRRSNI) and Districts in Northern and Western Sumatra.


  • Resumption of broadcasting of the affected local radio stations
  • Provide a temporary income to affected radio stations to meet the operational costs for a period of nine months.
  • Provide 2000 battery operated radio sets for displaced people.


  • Needs Assessment
  • Purchase and distribution of battery operated radio sets
  • Replacement/repair of destroyed/lost/damaged broadcasting equipment (transmission and production)
  • Provision of basic inputs to resume broadcasting operations.
  • Financing direct operational costs of the radio stations for an initial period.

Expected impact

  • Restored sustainable and affordable communication systems for those having been affected
  • An Enhanced vital information flow to ensure effective post disaster relief work
  • A temporary source of income provided to affected radio stations
  • Strengthened coordination on disaster preparedness and response.

Contributions can be made to:


A/C NO 949-1-191558

Jp Morgan Chase Bank

International Money Transfer Division

4 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn

New York, NY 11245, U.S.A.

SWIFT : CHASUS33 ABA N° 0210-0002-1

Links :

UNESCO’s International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC)

WebWorld’s special page on the disaster in Asia http://www.unesco.org/webworld/infocus/tsunami-asia

Contact :

W. Jayaweera, UNESCO, Division for Communication Development w.jayaweera@unesco.org

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