The 2013 Fellowship Panel of Judges

The selection of the 2013 SEAPA Fellows is being led by a panel of judges comprised of the following experts on this year’s topic:

ChiranuchChiranuch Premchaiporn, graduated from Thammasat University’s Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication, after which she took part in HIV/AIDS campaigns for more than a decade before joining Prachatai, an independent media organization for democracy and freedom of the press in Thailand. She is strongly involved with issues of online freedom of expression, and internet freedom. In 2009-2012, she was prosecuted under the 2007 Computer Crimes Act (CCA) for allowing website forum posts deemed offensive to the Thai Monarchy. She is currently Director of the Foundation for Community Educational Media. (FCEM), under which Prachatai is one of the projects.

PirongrongAssistant Professor Pirongrong Ramasoota, Ph.D., is currently director of the Thai Media Policy Center (Thai-MPC), which is a research unit specializing in issues related to media law and regulation at the Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, where she has taught for the past 20 years. Apart from teaching, Pirongrong has actively participated in several endeavors related to media reform, including being commissioner in the tabling of the country’s first Public Television law and the Frequency Allocation and Communication Regulation law. Pirongrong completed her PhD in Communication Studies from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Her research interests include media policy and regulation, social implications of ICTs, and media and democratization, and information privacy.

CheekayCheekay Cinco, born, raised and living in the Philippines, Cheekay is a feminist activist who has been working in the area of non-profit technology for more than a decade. From 1998 to 2001, she worked with the now-defunct Asian Women’s Resource Exchange (AWORC), a network of women’s resource centres. From 2002 to 2010, she was a regular staff at the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), where she was part of the Women’s Networking Support Programme (WNSP) and the Strategic Technologies and Network Development Programme (STAND). At APC, she also developed the Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM), managed the Feminist Tech Exchange (FTX), conducted training on different internet-based technologies for other organizations, and wrote manuals on social media for advocacy. Since then, Cheekay has been working as a freelance and volunteer trainer for various local and international activist groups, designing and conducting training workshops to support the strategic, secure and appropriate use of internet-based technologies for advocacy and activism.

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