[Thailand] On NBTC suspension order: Voice TV treated ‘unfairly and feels discriminated against’

To audience, sponsors, and fellow media,

As Office of National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) issued Order punishing Voice TV with 15 days broadcast suspension, Voice TV insists that we perform our duty as media with journalistic ethics in pursuit of providing impartial information for the best interests of audience and society.

Voice TV strongly believes that well-balanced information and independent news analysis does not threaten security or peace and order in democratic society, but will promote critical thinking in the society, which lead to other developments in the country as well.

Development of a country are based on the principles of freedom of expression and equal rights to be informed with facts, different points of view, and well-balanced information.

Voice TV has long been treated unfairly and discriminated by the NBTC. It is known that Voice TV has been summoned to testify and be punished several times since the coup in 2014. In January, Voice TV was summoned 3 times and was warned twice by NBTC. NBTC has apparently used its power to selectively enforce strict measures on Voice TV, and did not define and equally enforce the law on all media outlets.

All these punishment affects freedom of the press, freedom of expression, and confidence of our sponsors. NBTC’s Orders often refer to the agreement or the MOU, which is legally flawed. However, Voice TV considered our workflow as priority; therefore, Voice TV had always complied with NBTC’s Orders, even though we disagreed with them.

Thailand is heading towards election within a few weeks. Any agreements or measures of unusual circumstances should end now because it is essential for people to be informed with balanced, objective and quality news in order to make their decision in the election.

Voice TV sees that we were repeatedly treated unfairly and it is time we need to stand up for press freedom. Voice TV will be taking legal action to set the standard of NBTC’s power back in line with rule of law and press freedom, which has been questioned and challenged since the 2014 coup. Voice TV will appeal to the Constitutional Court as soon as possible, and will do our best to continue our duty to serve news to the people.

Best Regards

Makin Petplai
CEO of Voice TV


Statement in Thai

Voice TV statement in Thai
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