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Media reform falters at a critical juncture

As the election looms for later this year, incidents in 2014 and in early 2015 involving the press raises serious… Read More

Using violence and rules to suppress the media

The first months of 2014 saw a continuation of the political unrest that rocked the capital city of Phnom Penh… Read More

Statement condemning the targeted attacks of journalists covering protests

The Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA) unequivocally condemns the violent police dispersal of protestors and particularly the targeted attacks of… Read More

Charlie Hebdo attack resonates into Southeast Asia

The murderous attack on Charlie Hebdo last week must be seen primarily as an attack on press freedom and the… Read More

Press Freedom, Free Expression Still Under Threat

An international delegation visiting Indonesia last week raised concerns about the current state of media freedom in the country, calling… Read More

Observations and Recommendations of the International Partnership Mission to Indonesia

Since its democratic transition began, there have been significant improvements in Indonesia’s media environment. However, we, the International Partnership Mission,… Read More

Journalist killings heighten security awareness

KIDAPAWAN, Philippines – Broadcast journalist Malu Manar resorted to wearing a headscarf and changed the way she dressed to elude… Read More

‘My Style is Different’

[This is the sidebar story to Private Armed Militias Worsen Impunity, also by Arpan Rachman] Zamzamin Ampatuan looks like he… Read More