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Court Rejects Nominations, Adamant Selection Panel Refuses To Quit

Source: Bangkok Post The Supreme Administrative Court invalidated the nominations of 14 people for seats on the National Broadcasting Commission… Read More

“Overcome Fear, If We Are To Counter Totalitarianism”, Participants Agreed.

Politicians and rights advocacy groups on Tuesday urged the public including the media to overcome “Fear Syndrome” to restore people’s… Read More

Clerics Seek Police Probe Of Islamic Leader

Source: Associated Press A group of Indonesian clerics on Wednesday formally asked Indonesian police to investigate a prominent Islamic intellectual… Read More

Government Cracks Down on Media

Source: Australian Financial Review Rowan Callick, Asia-Pacific editor The Indonesian Parliament is set to clamp down on the explosion of… Read More

Press Freedom in Asia to be Hit by Freedom Forum’s Closure of Overseas Office

BANGKOK — The last month’s decision by US-based Freedom Forum to reduce staffs and close its international offices in four… Read More