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Freedom of information law in need of reforms

Thailand’s 14-year freedom of information law will need to see changes for it to be more effective, said Centre for… Read More

Updating the status of access to information in Southeast Asia – 10 years after SEAPA’s first compilation

Bangkok, Thailand – The extent to which access to information can be considered ‘free’ is a key element in overall… Read More

Parliament passes controversial Intelligence Bill

The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) has expressed concern over the recently passed State Intelligence Bill. Without careful monitoring, the… Read More

Access to Information Essential in ASEAN for Public Participation

Jakarta 28.09.11: On International Right to Know Day, ARTICLE 19, Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA), Media Defence-Southeast Asia and SAPA… Read More

Journalists denounce draft Intelligence Law as threat to press freedom

[The following is a statement co-issued by the Alliance of Independent Journalists (Aliansi Jurnalis Independen/AJI), a SEAPA founding member based… Read More

Control of information handicaps Sarawak elections, civil society groups claim

[The following is a joint media statement co-signed by the Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ), SEAPA’s associate member based in… Read More

Selangor State enacts freedom of information law

[The following is a statement from the Centre for Independent Journalism (CIJ), SEAPA’s associate member based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:]

Government efforts to control information increased in 2010, says media watch group

  The following is the summary of “Freedom of Expression in Malaysia 2010”, the annual report of the Centre for… Read More