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Official Information Act of 1997

SEAPA’s Right to Know Series: Access to Information in Southeast Asia [See country reports on Cambodia, Indonesia, and Malaysia] 1. Determined… Read More

Media, NGOs call govt to enact FOI law

Phnom Penh – Cambodian media and civil society have called on their government to enact a freedom of information law… Read More

Failed expectations, restrictive laws

 [Philippines country report for Working within bounds: Southeast Asia’s Press Freedom Challenges for 2013. Original/print title: Failed expectations, restrictive laws in… Read More

Call for new ASEAN Sec-Gen to promote freedom of expression

We, the Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA), a Bangkok-based regional press freedom and freedom of expression advocacy group, welcome the… Read More

Open Letter: Promote Freedom of Information

[Note: As part of activities to mark the International Right to Know Day on 28 September, SEAPA—with the Media Defence… Read More

Re: 2012 as the year that the Philippines gets its Freedom of Information Law

[Note: In preparation for the coming of the International Right to Know Day (28 September), SEAPA sent this letter to… Read More

For press freedom and freedom of information: Oppose HB 5835 and SB 2965

(via CMFR) Certain members of the 15th Congress apparently have no knowledge of, or have chosen to ignore, the fact… Read More

Freedom of information workshop

SEAPA will be holding a two-day researchers’ meeting on access of information in Southeast Asia on 29 and 30 September… Read More