SEAPA will be at Rightscon Southeast Asia 2015

rightsconFor the first time, SEAPA will be participating at the RightsCon Southeast Asia 2015, which will take place in Manila, Philippines on 24 and 25 March. The summit looks at the issue of an open internet, and has been held previously in the US and Brazil. It is jointly organised byAccess and Engage Media, and the Foundation for Media Alternatives is the local host.

SEAPA will host a brown bag lunch discussion on the topic of `Search engines and citizens’ access to information‘ to discuss the impact of the business models and operations of search engines on citizens’ access to information.

The assumption is that more and more communities and groups use the online spaces to produce and seek content, but they face unfair advantage caused by the business models in the service providers like Google, Yahoo – who rank pages or boost searchability of information based on payments. In other words, content that may be generated or sought by smaller groups on specific issues may be hidden in cyberspace. It was always thought that the online technology would level the playing field in generating and accessing information, but is it really?

The discussants for this session are Dipta Chakma (Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact), Klaikong Vaidhyakarn (Change Fusion) and Gabey Goh (Digital News Asia), representing different communities of users and content creators. Those attending the event are welcome to join us in the discussion, which will take place at 12.15pm at the Opal C Room, Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria Hotel.

​SEAPA reps are also expected to speak at other sessions, so do come and join us!

Tuesday, 24 March, 2pm, Ruby A: Connecting the dots: How to strengthen the work of Internet rights advocates​ in the Asia Pacific through regional networking and organising, organized by Internet Democracy Project, FMA.
Wednesday, 25 March, 9.15am, Emerald A: How to get media and break through on your issue, organized by FitzGibbon Media​
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