SEAPA to kick off 2014 Impunity Campaign

SEAPA will kick off on October 31 its annual regional campaign to tackle impunity for violence against journalists. Campaign activities, now on its fourth year 2011, will take place between the commemoration of two important occasions in the regional and global effort to ensure that media safety and security, and freedom of expression.

It will begin to mark the Global Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists media on 2 November, which was adopted through a resolution by the UN General Assembly on 18 November 2013. The campaign conclude on November 23, fifth anniversary of the Ampatuan massacre of 58 persons including 32 media workers.

The November campaign is an attempt to draw attention to problem of impunity for violence against journalists not only in the region and but throughout the world. It underlines the need to decisively address through the cooperation of both the media and the state.

SEAPA will continue to work to raise awareness within the media community of the continuing culture of impunity among their ranks, as a major threat to press freedom, and toward drawing more concrete responses among stakeholders in the media community.

Public dialogues between the media and state authorities will be held simultaneously in Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand on the respective specific characteristics of the impunity phenomenon. SEAPA will prepare media information kits highlighting key trends in the region. SEAPA hopes to generate specific recommendations and concrete steps for both the media and the states to address impunity, and provide safe environment for the media.

SEAPA invites media and civil society community around the region to take part in this campaign. Please share the information that we will make available in on our website and social media. Resource persons in different regional languages – Bahasa Indonesia and Malaysia, Burmese, Khmer, Filipino and Thai – are available upon request.

We welcome your input, comments or concerns about the issue of impunity or the campaign.

[For more information please contact Gayathry Venkitswaran, SEAPA Executive Director, Kulachada Chaipipat, Campaign Manager or Edgardo Legaspi, Alerts and Communication Officer at]

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