SEAPA Gender Policy

To integrate gender equality and gender sensitive considerations in the participation of women in our programs, SEAPA’s internal policy for the Secretariat and network, and through our communications to internal and external stakeholders


Objective: To ensure adequate and meaningful opportunities for women journalists, netizens and advocates in SEAPA programs

Explanation: Numbers are not the sole target as we also need to make sure that the participation is relevant and takes into consideration wider participatory inputs and environment.


  1. Gathering input and feedback using safe and accessible platforms for example emails (ensure they do have access), attending discussions (their needs are considered, for example as families)
  2. Adequate efforts put in to encourage diverse women participants in trainings, programs etc
  3. Due consideration for trainers who can provide gendered lens in the training
  4. Needs analysis for women journalists/advocates/netizens


  1. Number of participants reasonably balanced across gender
  2. All participants feel safe and comfortable to share their views, opinions and contributions
  3. Access to platforms that have encouraged women to share their feedback
  4. Participants and trainers/consultants understand and appreciate criteria on gender awareness

Internal policy

Objective: To create an environment, within the secretariat, the board and among partners, where gender equality is respected and appreciated.

Explanation: SEAPA does have provisions on gender equality but it needs to be discussed more broadly and also specified in the templates and documents that can be used to guide staff members, board members and partners


  1. Clearly articulated gender policy or internal policy that describes commitment towards gender equality


  1. Stakeholders respond positively to the templates for proposals and reporting that includes questions on gender equality

Communication strategy

Objective: To promote the inclusion of vulnerable groups and to minimize harm (discrimination and stereotypes)

Explanation: How we communicate our work and position impacts on the values that we hold


  1. Ensure all communication has considered ethical standards particularly on non-discrimination
  2. Ensure that the voices of men and women are adequately represented in all communication (press releases, stories etc)
  3. Encourage women as experts and resources where possible


  1. Sources of quotes and information/authority is diverse
  2. Reports contain gender-sensitive language and perspectives
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