SEAPA at the #IGF2014

SEAPA supported four journalists to attend and cover the 9th Internet Governance Forum 2014 (IGF2014), which concluded last Friday, 5 September.

More than 2,300 participants attend the forum held in Istanbul, Turkey. The draft summary of the forum at its conclusion can be found here.

​Parallel to the main forum, civil society groups organised the Internet Ungovernance Forum to highlight the absence of critical issues like censorship, freedom of expression, surveillance and bad governance practices in many countries, including Turkey. The organisers said that due to the multistakeholder format of the IGF, the main perpetrators of many internet problems – governments and corporations – get the representation they don’t deserve.

From a human rights perspective, several reports, principles and declarations were launched at the IGF this year. These included the African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms; ​
​the Feminist Principles of the Internet; ​​the 2014 Global Information Society Watch​; and the UNESCO digital safety report. At least four sessions focused on internet governance and press freedom, access to information online and freedom of expression and the media.

​Below are articles produced by the four journalists covering the forum.​

Gabey Goh (Malaysia):​

Jake Soriano (Philippines) ​

  • “PH government officials absent in global Internet Governance Forum” in Vera Files and published in Yahoo News 
  • ​Video report on internet safety for children ​
  • ​”Rising use of children as cybercrime targets alarming – IT expert” in Vera Files


All aticles by Patranun Limudomporn (Thailand) can be found here in the Blognone website (in Thai).


Tonyo Cruz (Philippines)

  • “Internet governance and ungovernance” in the Manila Bulletin
  • “Bridging the digital divide and the role of ‘market forces'” in Tonyo’s blog
  • “The IGF and the ‘inconvenient’ ungovForum” in Tonyo’s blog.
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