What SEAPA Fellowship Alumni say

SEAPA has conducted its annual journalism fellowship since 2002. As of 2011, SEAPA’s alumni has 91 fellows representing the region’s experienced journalists. Fellows come from Burma, Cambodia, Timor Leste, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Through the fellowship program, SEAPA intends –
– To enhance the personal development and skills of Southeast Asian journalists in preparing in-depth reporting independently.
– To generate knowledge on politics, economy, culture and society of Southeast Asia.
– To increase the number of press freedom advocates among Southeast Asian journalists through a change of attitude in support of freedom of expression.

Their news coverage vary from social, economics to gender and politics.



“It was a good opportunity to establish ties with other journalists in the region and to share experiences with fellow journalists in the industry. The workshop has also indirectly made me to question myself on the kind of role I could play to contribute to bringing about more balanced reporting in the industry.”

Hah Foong Lian
Contact: flhah@yahoo.co.uk

“I’ve been covering many issues but I never been in a conflict area, always in a comfort zone if you can say so. But when I joined SEAPA 2007 and covering deep Southern Thailand, then I realized I was testing myself on my journalism skill and also my mental. SEAPA helped me a lot to get my confidence over my story and place that I have to go to. I met great people in SEAPA and my fellows, shared stories and experiences. If I could join another SEAPA fellowship, then I won’t miss the opportunity.”Nita Roshita
Contact: nita_roshita@yahoo.com
2007imam “With this SEAPA fellowship I learned much about human rights violence in East Timor and other countries around ASEAN. The Truth or Consequence story also brought me to Paris. A year after fellowship, in 2008, that story won an international award, Every Human Has Rights Media-Award, held by Internews Europe and The Elders.”Imam Shofwan
Contact: bung.imam@gmail.com, http://bungimam.blogspot.com
“In 2007, a year of big risks for Burmese journalists : Before applying to SEAPA, I’ve questioned myself whether I could carry on the journalism as well as other media outlets,   After selected, my dilemma disappeared and turned to enthusiasm. SEAPA and it’s fellows firmly inspired me to walk very confidently on professional in mainstream medias. I’m now a professional journalist born by SEAPA”Zaw Naing Oo @ Zor 2007zaw
2008jeerawat “We were supposed to cover the events leading up to referendum, but ended up getting an exclusive story about the Cyclone Nargis that struck on the second day of our visit to Myanmar. I did not only have an opportunity to interview people about their upcoming election, but also witnessed how people cope with the deadly cyclone as well as the spirit of people. In spite of difficulties, they were helping each other out. This is one of my wonderful journalism experience that I shall never forget.”Jeerawat Na Thalang
Contact: jeerawat@nationgroup.com
“SEAPA enhances and assists SEA journalists with their long collective knowledge and networks/connections. Also, the ultimate goal to expose information and truth to the people and the society, to promote the rights to information, freedom of expression and freedom of the media – I’m so glad to be part of this democratic journalism training and working to achieve a democratic society for all peoples, together, through the use of media.”Siriluk Sriprasit
Contact: siriluksriprasit@gmail.com
2010sujane “SEAPA opens my ASEAN-eyes.”Sujane Kanparit
Contact: helveglino@hotmail.com
“It was a very great experience and unforgettable. Not everyone as lucky as me. It was the first time for me to visit Bangkok, Thailand. I also got experience to make report about Indonesian migrant worker in Malaysia.I had a lot of new experiences. There are many positive things I have learned.  Not only experiences in journalism, but also I got new friends from Southeast Asian country.I think this program is important for journalists in order to obtain a broader minded about journalism. Improving the ability of journalism will be very useful for a journalist to work better. More journalists in Southeast Asian Country will improve their skills by this opportunity.”Heriyanto
Contact: heriyantosg4@gmail.com
2010melani “Thank you SEAPA for giving me great opportunity to improve my knowledge, wider my point of view, build new network and new friends, and I got great experience of journalism from this fellowship. Hope SEAPA can continue the program and give more journalists this great experience too.”

Melani Indra Hapsari
Contact: bluemelone@yahoo.com

“SEAPA fellowship is a great opportunity for me to understand what is like to file story in the foreign country by my own and testing ground for one’s potential and caliber in the field. It broadened my scope, empowered my trade and emboldened my confident in the field.”Aung Zaw Min
Contact: aung.ichbin@gmail.com
2010saw_yan_naing “SEAPA Fellowship is a great source of networking for journalists in Southeast Asia.”Saw Yan Naing
Contact: fittiger@gmail.com
“For the 2010 SEAPA Fellowship, I did a story on democratization in Burma which gave me opportunity to broaden my understanding of the issue of ethnic minorities, hence, enriched my perspective on how to report about this.Furthermore, the task was very educational for me as the Burma ethnic minorities experience share many parallels with the so-called Bangsamoro question in the southern Philippines.”Ryan Rosauro
Contact: ryan.rosauro@gmail.com
2011nares “That’s honor of my life to join SEAPA Fellows program. I will remember great long journey, good friends. We will join together again.”Nares Laopannarai
Contact: Nares_tu@yahoo.com
“When first told that I had been selected to be one of 11 journalists from the Asia region for SEAPA Fellowship, thing that came to my mind was “is this the beginning of the membership of East Timor into the ASEAN community’. But then I realized that actually this is just an excellent and a phenomenal  journalism fellowship.
I had felt as an East Timor’s ambassador to ASEAN when sitting at the same table with my fellow journalists in Akmani Hotel, Jakarta, last June during the De – briefing session. I must honestly admit that this must be a noble and the highest award for journalists in ASEAN that gives a high moral message to the media community to become more sensitive and focused on researching the hidden side of  life of ASEAN people.
Being as one of the SEAPA Fellow 2011 which multiply the story of the lives of Myanmar refugees and foreign workers who live in fear and unclear status in Malaysia gave a deep message that the ASEAN community must uphold human values and a mutual respect for each difference – be it religious, ethnic, race and skin color.”Julio da Silva Guterres
Contact: gil.silva@cjitl.org
2011aquiles “The 2011 SEAPA Journalism fellowship was my most emotionally-exhilarating and mentally-enriching training experience. More power to people behind SEAPA.”Aquiles Z. Zonio
“SEAPA prepared me for a great journalism career; its world-class journalist society was always available to share their expertise and provide meaningful advice. SEAPA provided me great opportunities to explore news reporting in other countries. I am very proud of being a SEAPA alumni and I will forever be grateful for their invaluable support and teaching.”Htar Htar Myint
Contact: myinth@rfa.org
2007david “I was very proud, because I was the first journalist from East Timor selected for SEAPA Fellowship in 2007. It is a great Opportunity for me in improving my knowledge, building new network and friends. It provides inspiration and strong confidence as a professional journalist. Thanks SEAPA! I will never forget this wonderful experience and friends.”David Hugo da Silva
Contact: dhugo80@gmail.com
“The Seapa fellowship program has given me one of my most memorable experiences as a journalist, entering a neighbouring country where press freedom is almost inexistent. For five days, we were incommunicado: no Internet access, no mobile phone signals, no communication by any means to the outside world. … no press ID, no tape recorders, nothing that would identify us as journalists. It was fun nonetheless. … Thanks to SEAPA for going outside its usual fellowship programs and taking us to Burma.”Estrelita Cruz Valderama
Contact: tvalderama@yahoo.com
2011froiland “The fellowship allowed me to embed with  people of Thailand’s southernmost  provinces of Pattani , Yala and Narathiwat. During my short stay in the Malay Pattani region, I was able to learn much their history  and religion, which is comparable to my home island in Mindanao in the Philippines.
I was dazzled by their rich culture and was awed by their beautiful bird cages. I could have not made this rich experience with SEAPA. Love you Seapa.”Froilan Gallardo
Contact: jmabini2@yahoo.com
“I have a big time with SEAPA fellow during my fellowship. Thank you for brought me closer to my dream, it was fantastic. You guys helped me to strengthen my capacity, improve my knowledge, in which I found that ASEAN is a huge playground. I will never be the same again. Good Job for our master behind the SEAPA.”Yohanna Purba
Contact: alezsandra@gmail.com
2009waimoe “Through the Seapa fellowship program, I had a key to open different worlds, particularly those different ones in the Southeast Asian nations. It was a great experience in investigative reporting when I was uncovering human trafficking issue in Malaysia during the fellowship.””Wai Moe
Contact: waimoe88@gmail.com
“The SEAPA Fellowship is a unique opportunity for journalists in the region to explore and write about issues affecting the region.  Though each individual experience is undoubtedly unique, those fortunate enough to have been accepted to the fellowship come away richer, not only in terms of perspective and knowledge but also enlightened about the way our fellow journalists across the region approach our profession.All that plus the camaraderie and contacts gained coupled with the great food of the host country add up to an experience hard to surpass.”Chino Gaston
Contact: chinogaston@gmail.com


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