Town councilor’s spouse issues threat against broadcaster

Source: CMFR

A broadcaster was allegedly threatened by the husband of a town councilor in Oas, Albay on 21 February 2011.  The suspect, however, denied the allegation. Oas, Albay is approximately 307 kilometers southeast of Manila.

Armand Reyes of radio station dwCL 93.1 Skyradio based in Ligao City, said he was threatened with harm by Jose Marcelo Bumanglag, husband of Oas, Albay Councilor Maria Melanie Flordeliza Bumanglag.

In a phone interview with the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR) last 28 February, Reyes said he and colleague Jun Villar were on their way to have their snack near the Albay Capitol Annex building when Bumanglag, while driving his van, told him as he passed by, “You’re lucky Boss Jun Villar is with you. If not, you would have gotten killed!”

Reyes initially thought that Bumanglag was referring to Villar but realized that Bumanglag was pointing at him. Villar allegedly works for another local government official in Albay.

Bumanglag, however, denied on 4 March 2011 that he threatened Reyes.  He told CMFR he only greeted Villar when they met that day. Bumanglang said he only told Villar that Reyes was lucky he was  with the former. He also said he never calls Villar “Boss”.

Reyes also said he received a text message (SMS) on 3 February 2011 supposedly from someone working for Bumanglag. According to Reyes, the sender of the text message asked if he was challenging “Boss Mars (allegedly referring to Jose Marcelo Bumanglag)” in his radio program “Walang Personalan, Trabaho Lang” (“Nothing personal, it’s just business). The sender also told Reyes in another message that if he were man enough, he would face Bumanglag.

Bumanglag, said to be among the subjects of Reyes’s reports on illegal fishing, however, told CMFR that it was Reyes who insults him on his radio program. Bumanglag said Reyes is an aide of Oas, Albay Mayor Gregorio Ricarte. Reyes denied this allegation.

Reyes has already filed a report with the local police, while Bumanglag said he is preparing a libel suit against Reyes.

Some of the slain journalists/media workers in the Philippines received death threats in connection with their reports on illegal activities and/or government officials’ wrongdoing  in their localities before they were killed. Media organizations and journalists’ groups have since called on authorities to monitor such threats against media practitioners and to take them seriously.

CMFR ( is a SEAPA founding member based in Manila, the Philippines, working to promote ethical journalism and to protect press freedom.

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