Radio Station Row INN On Air For Another Year

Source: Bangkok Post

The army has renewed the airtime contract of Independent News Network for another year.

Shortly after INN’s contract renewal, its news channel and the Ruam Duay Chuay Kan community service programme were back on the airwaves.

The contract was extended behind closed doors at a Pattaya hotel by Lt-Gen Charnvit Sirthammavut, chief of the Army Reserve Command (ARC), and INN chairman Somchai Sawaengkarn.

The signing brought an end to a simmering row between the Army Reserve Command and INN that saw the firm’s news channel and the popular Ruam Duay Chuay Kan programme knocked off the 96 FM band for two days prior to the contract renewal.

Lt-Gen Charnvit said the signing had been done in a cordial atmosphere.

The commander said, however, that the screening of programmes would be more rigorous from now on to prevent the army-owned frequency from being used by a third party to defame others.

INN would retain a 24-hour time slot but more airtime would be allocated for the broadcasting of useful segments on the royally-initiated projects and the ARC’s public relations bulletins.

Lt-Gen Charnvit said that in thenew contract the army had increased the airtime fee by 5%. INN would pay around 840,000 baht in concession fees per month, up from 800,000 baht in the previous year.

The last contract expired on Feb 28.

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