[Philippines] Cyber attacks continue against alternative news website

Alternative media organization Bulatlat.com reported receiving continuous denial-of-service (DoS) attacks from 19 to 29 January 2019, which brought the website down for several days.

Bulatlat, which was established in 2001, seeks to “reflect the people’s views and stand on issues that affect their lives and their future” by reporting on human rights issues, including those involving marginalized groups and other sectors of society such as women, indigenous people, and migrant workers.

The website tapped Swedish nonprofit Qurium’s Rapid Response service to secure its hosting on 25 January 2019, when the attacks intensified. The foundation provides technical, infrastructural, and human support to media organizations in repressive regimes.

The attack is “yet another attempt to infringe on press freedom and the people’s right to information,” Bulatlat said in a statement.

In December 2018, the website was one of the three alternative media that became “inaccessible” following cyber attacks. Bulatlat’s web host was “deactivated” due to “large traffic of infected malware to their site.”

Bulatlat, which in English means the act of uncovering or exposing something, prides itself on its advocacy to contribute to the fight for truth, justice, and freedom, and against all forms of oppression and the “abuse and misuse of power by the country’s top political leaders.”

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