NUJP on the police chief’s order to withhold spot reports from the press

Originally published on the NUJP Facebook page on 13 September 2017


The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) demands that Philippine National Police chief Ronald dela Rosa immediately rescind what is clearly an illegal order to withhold spot reports from media.

We likewise urge police commanders NOT to obey a patently illegal order. A police spot report is a public document that should be available to everyone, not just media, in the principle of transparency and accountability.

Suggestions that press releases will be issued in lieu of allowing access to spot reports are NOT acceptable. Press releases, by their very nature, are sanitized and angled to favor the issuing body and are, thus, not an objective source of information.

There is absolutely no reason why the agency sworn to “serve and protect” the people should cloak its operations in secrecy.

We urge colleagues to raise our collective voice in condemnation of this blatant efforts to withhold the truth and, if needed, to be ready to seek all legal redress.


Dabet Panelo
Secretary General
NUJP Hotline: +63 917 515 5991

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