Statement of the Myanmar Press Council on the incident

[Myanmar] Journalist community condemns attack against Myitkyina Journal reporters, calls to hold perpetrators accountable

On 26 February, two journalists from Myitkyina Journal – based on Myitkyina Kachin State – were forcibly taken by the personnel of the Tha Khin Sit company at its premises. Then, a female journalist was slapped and her male colleague was forced to do sit-ups several times; they also threatened both journalists not to write anything about the mining company. 

Both journalists have written a story on the company’s banana plantation projects and how it has widely impacted the society and negatively violated the rights of the local population around the project areas.  

We view that this threat has interfered with the fourth pillar role of the media in the country as well as hindered the public’s right to know. Therefore, we denounce this act and call for the authorities to take action against those who perpetrated this crime. We also call for the Myanmar Press Council to compel the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Kachin State government to solve this case by upholding the rule of law.


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