Explanation of Terms/Categories used

These reports record "incidents", which we define as an act or event directed at a specified target. All incidents are related to press freedom or freedom of expression.  This does not include acts of policy related to the media or free expression, which which aims to control actions related to the media or free expression.

Incident  - indicates the type of act or event described in the report.
  • Abduction/Disappearance – the victim is forcible taken and whereabouts is unknown
  • Arrest /Detention - to take into official custody, whether for specific charges or not. Includes questioning. Prevent liberty of movement.
  • Accused/Sued - Indictment for a criminal case or filing of civil suit, whether arrested or not
  • Attack - a physical attack on a victim, whether or not resulting in injury
  • Banning/Closure – a person or organization is permanently prevented from engaging in the profession/activity. Includes dismissal from work
  • Censorship – to prevent an article/issue from publication, program/show from broadcast, speech from delivery
  • Killed – death from murder or homicide
  • Obstruction (news) - prevent news coverage
  • Obstruction (activity) – prevent participation in an activity; prevent an activity from happening
  • Sentenced – to be found guilty of a crime and imprisoned. Also includes suspended sentence. 
  • Suspension  –  temporary closure of a media entity or temporary ban from work.
  • Threat (harassment) - Verbal or written threats to person, usually to coerce or intimidate. Also harassment
  • Other – for other acts not listed above, please specify.

- indicates whether the act described targets an individual or an organization/company.
  • Person – the target is a natural person.
  • Organization/company – the target of the act is a group, organization or company.
  • Activity - the target is an activity.

Activity of target
- indicates the work of the target/victim related to the incident.
  • Media – Online – includes media primarily online news and blogs
  • Media – Print – media is primarily print
  • Media – Radio – media is primarily radio
  • Media – Television – media is primarily TV
  • Civil Society - non-media targets including activist, political or religious groups
  • Unaffiliated - targets who are not acting as a media professional or with/in behalf of a group.