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SEAPA membership is open to organizations that are independent, non-profit and with a proven track record of non-partisan press freedom advocacy in Southeast Asian countries, the region and beyond. As a network, SEAPA to maintain and promote engagement and exchange within the community of press freedom advocates in the region and internationally.

Why become a SEAPA member?

    1. It is a strategic, membership-based regional network of press freedom advocacy groups in Southeast Asia that advocates for media freedom and freedom of expression.
    2. The network taps into the expertise of its members and partners to share with the community in the region, thus developing and promoting regional knowledge, perspective, expertise and support.
    3. The network provides an opportunity and platform to raise the profile, concerns, achievements and challenges with perspectives from the local players and communities.
    4. The network can amplify advocacy on challenges and violations at the national level towards responses from regional international platforms (ASEAN, UN, IGF and civil society networks).
    5. The network can provide support and resources for the local organizations to strengthen their capacities so that they can be more effective in their work.

Benefits to members of the network

    1. There is a clear constituency for developing a regional community and solidarity for local and national advocacies.
    2. Better projection of advocacies to countries and other target groups
    3. Availability of local facilitators, experts and resources for SEAPA programs and activities and for regional perspectives and expertise to respond to local need.

Commitment as members

SEAPA members are expected to

    • Contribute to SEAPA programs, campaigns, alerts, and researches;
    • Be an information outlet and channel of regional campaign activities;
    • Work on country media freedom campaigns (on issues, laws, and/orimportant cases) or lead a regional campaign if an issue is their main campaign;
    • Support campaigns of other members;
    • Attend and participate in organizational meetings;
    • Pay the annual membership fees; and,
    • Commit to and abide by standards of transparency and organizational procedure agreed upon by the network.

Membership eligibility criteria

    1. Applicants must have clear mandate/programme to promote (or to support the promotion of) media freedom
    2. Applicants must demonstrate proof of actions/advocacy on issue.
    3. Applicants must have a minimum 5 years in existence (may be less if the organization has worked with SEAPA in the past)
    4. Applicants must be independent, non-profit and non-governmental organizations.
    5. Applicants must submit all documents listed in the application form and a reference from another SEAPA member.

Membership categories

Full Members: This category is open to press freedom focused organizations in the eleven countries of Southeast Asia: Brunei, Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore. Thailand, Timor Leste and Vietnam.

Associate Members: The category is open to non-media freedom focused organizations in the region, and media freedom organizations from the rest of Asia. Associate members can participate in programs and but are only observers in governance procedures of SEAPA.

Application procedures

    1. Interested applicants should submit a completed application form and together with all the required documents, including a letter of reference or support from a SEAPA member.
    2. Applications are accepted throughout the year, but membership applications are reviewed only once a year at the annual members’ meeting. The annual membership application cycle ends every year on 30 May. Thereafter, the Secretariat communicates with the applicants about their applications.
    3. Applications and inquiries can be sent to seapa[at]seapa[dot]org.
    4. Decisions on membership will be subject to the SEAPA by-laws.

Membership fees

Membership fees in the network, effective 2014, has been set at USD100.

Download the SEAPA Membership Application Form – 2015.

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