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The  Journalism Development Program (JDP) is SEAPA’s training strategy to achieve its long term goal of  Journalism for Change (J4C), which aims to develop a vibrant network of journalists committed to improve media freedom in their countries and in the Southeast Asian region.

The objectives of the program are:

  1. to support better practice of professional and ethical standards of SEA journalists;
  2. to create a pool of good journalists who are not only able to train younger journalists but who are also role models of professional journalism.


  1. Annual Journalism Fellowship – is the longest running SEAPA program and flagship strategy of the JDP.
  2. Regional Training of Trainers are conducted on  journalistic ethics and professional skills.
  3. Thematic Trainings on media law, human rights reporting, election coverage, ethnicity/identity, development and other issues, in response to urgent developments within a country or the region as a whole.
  4. Journalist Exchange  facilitates new experiences for journalists to learn new skills in real world media environments.
  5. Regional Forums or Conferences to discuss urgent issues facing the regional media and develop appropriate strategies to address these.
  6. Journalist Recognition. SEAPA is in the process of developing an awards system that will highlight contributions of invididual journalists that contribute to the advancement of media freedom in the region.


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