Source: IDN Times

[Indonesia] Women journalists’ group condemns violence against media

Forum Jurnalis Perempuan Indonesia (FJPI, Women Journalists Forum of Indonesia) condemns the violence that was committed against journalists covering the street protests in Jakarta on 22 May 2019.

Incumbent President Joko Widodo was announced as the winner, beating the opposition candidate Prabowo Subianto, many of whose supporters took to the streets to denounce the outcome. At least seven people have died amid the violence that erupted during the demonstration.

At least seven journalists covering the demonstration were physically attacked or threatened during their coverage of the incident. Two of them were women journalists — Intan Bedisa and Rahajeng Mutiara — who suffered physical and verbal assaults, said FJPI.

FJPI chairperson Uni Lubis appealed to police to conduct thorough investigation of the attacks against the media and punish the perpetrators. Amid the mayhem, FJPI encouraged journalists to keep the public informed while adhering to the journalistic code of ethics.

“We ask the heads of media organizations to provide protection for their reporters covering conflicts and other forms of support such as post-trauma counseling,” said Lubis.

FJPI also called on all sides of the political spectrum to respect journalists, who are simply performing their duty to inform the public, and to uphold press freedom.

She also reminded the public that the law (Article 18 of No. 40/1999) imposes a maximum two-year imprisonment and fine of IDR 500 million (USD 34,693) on anyone found violating press freedom.

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