IGP: Police Will Probe “Sedition” Report Against Malaysiakini

18 January 2003
Source: Malaysiakini.com

The police will carry out investigation into the report lodged by Umno Youth yesterday against malaysiakini for publishing a letter which the political movement claimed was seditious.

Inspector General of Police Norian Mai said today that a thorough investigation would be carried out to determine whether the letter published by the popular online daily was “seditious” or not.

According to a RTM news telecast tonight, Norian was quoted as stating that the police would investigate all reports of a seditious nature as sedition was a serious matter.

After we have completed the investigation, we will decide what action to take, he said adding that so far, no one from malaysiakini has approached the police over the report.

Yesterday, Umno Youth information chief Azimi Daim lodged the report against malaysiakini over a letter which was published on the website on Jan 9. He filed the complaint at the Dang Wangi district police headquarters in Kuala Lumpur.

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