About the Annual Journalism Fellowship Program

SEAPA’s Annual Journalism Fellowship program in Southeast Asian Journalism brings mid-career journalists from Asian countries together for the purpose of pursuing in-depth investigative reporting projects and increasing interaction among media professionals in the region.

The program, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, is intended to deepen understanding among journalists in Southeast Asia while exposing regional readers and viewers to in-depth reportage produced within the region. The benefits for the journalists themselves are obvious in that they will gain greater access to their peers while pursuing difficult stories either in a neighboring country or, in some cases, in their own countries. The fellows’ home media organizations, many of which are financially strapped even in the best of times, will have the benefit of being able to produce an in-depth story of wide interest at no cost to themselves, save the time away from the home office of the fellow. The fact that a significant story will result from the fellowship is a powerful incentive to the home organizations to allow one of their staff members to participate. In addition, the fellowship is expected to bring wide recognition to both the journalist/fellow and his or her employer.

Through the fellowship program, SEAPA intends to:

  • Enhance the personal development and skills of Southeast Asian journalists in preparing in-depth reporting independently.
  • Generate knowledge on politics, economy, culture and society of Southeast Asia.
  • Increase the number of press freedom advocates among Southeast Asian journalists through a change of attitude in support of freedom of expression.

News stories produced by fellows tackle different topics based on a selected annual theme relevant to the Southeast Asian region.

 * Note: Applicants who are unable to use the online application system may submit this information by email to fellowship@seapa.org

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Fellowship Articles By Year – Theme

2014 – Understanding Impunity in the Philippines
2013 – Freedom of Expression and Internet Governance
2012 – Threats to Rivers
2011 – Gearing Up for an ASEAN Community
2010 – ASEAN Community: Vision or Delusion
2009 – ASEAN and Human Rights
2008 – Covering Burma
2007 – Culture of Impunity
2006 – Religion: A Force for Change
2005 – Covering Disasters
2004 – Towards and Information Society
2003 – Covering Rising Conflicts
2002 – Media and the Region in Transition

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