Fellowship Terms and Conditions

Accepted Fellows must agree to undertake the following:

  1. Discuss with her/his editors/supervisors to commit to the Fellowship program (See No. 5 below); and inform her/his editor/supervisor in case of any change in the original story proposals, as recommended by SEAPA Fellowship editors.

  2. Attend and participate in the entire Orientation and Debriefing sessions.

  3. Stay in the second country for the entire duration of the fieldwork.

  4. Produce the two stories from the Fellowship, completed within the specified deadline.

  5. Produce a written commitment to credit SEAPA for articles/material produced by the Fellow during the fellowship. Each story must contain a note similar to the following: “This [story/interview] is produced under the SEAPA Fellowship program of [year].” Any other material [including any spot stories, audioclips, photographs and video] must likewise be released with the same credit to the SEAPA Fellowship.

  6. Agree to return/pay back to SEAPA the Fellowship fieldwork allowance in case of failure to perform terms 1-4 above.

  7. Agree to any additional terms drawn up with SEAPA before the start of the fellowship fieldwork.

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