Fellowship Selection

Selection of SEAPA Fellows is a competitive process.

Incoming applications are reviewed upon receipt of documents. The Fellowship staff may follow-up on any missing or additional information necessary to complete or improve an application.

Only applicants with complete application documents will be forwarded to the Selection panel. SEAPA submit notes about each application – highlighting, if any, outstanding or unique qualifications from the application form, work samples, reference letters and personal statement – for consideration of the selection committee.

SEAPA will appoint a Selection Committee, composed of academic experts or journalist specialists in the selected field. They will judge each application based on the following criteria:

Story proposals will be reviewed in terms of:

  1. Relevance and news value – Is the story proposal about the selected theme? Will the story shed light on an important issue within the theme? Will it answer any of the questions posed in the description of the theme? Is the story being proposed fresh and innovative? Is it news worthy?

  2. Feasibility and planning – Can the applicant produce the story based on the plan she/he outlined? How well has the applicant planned her/his story? Does the plan contain elements of an alternative story that can be developed further?

  3. Other considerations – Applicant eligibility, work samples (including previous work related to the theme), endorsement by reference, and personal statement may be considered in the review of selection

Panel Selection Process:

  1. Each selection panel member will select from among completed applications forwarded by the secretariat. The number of proposals to be selected by the panel member will depend on the available Fellowships for the year, based on funding and budget considerations.

  2. The selected proposals shall then be ranked by the judge according to the review criteria mentioned abive. Each rank will have a corresponding score; for example: 1st = 5 points, 2nd = 4 points, 3rd = 3 points, 4th = 2 points, 5th = 1 point, and not selected = 0 points.

  3. The scores for each story is then added up, and the top-scoring proposals will be selected for the available fellowship slots for the year.

  4. In case of scoring ties for the final slot of the fellowship, other criteria may be invoked for selection, including:

    1. Gender

    2. Work: Journalists from outside the capital and/or community media; journalists in alternative media, including bloggers. in countries with restricted mainstream media

    3. Journalists from Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Timor Leste and Vietnam. (We want have more Fellows from these countries).

    4. Journalists actively working in or with professional journalist organizations, media development or press freedom advocacy groups.

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