Fellowship Application Requirements

This is the list of requirements for SEAPA Annual Fellowship applications. Note that SEAPA only accepts applications during the designated application period – please see the theme announcement for each year.

A. Applicant information and reference letters

  1. Please use the online form. Please download the Fellowship Application Form 2015 document, and have the information ready when you fill up the online form.  In case the online form is inaccessible, you may also submit the completed document by email to fellowship[at]seapa.org
  2. Reference letters:
    1. One of the references must be the applicant’s immediate work supervisor.
    2. At least one of the references must explicitly endorse the applicant’s capability to undertake the fellowship, if possible citing comparable previous experience.
    3. The reference letter must be sent directly to fellowship[at]seapa.org
    4. SEAPA may contact any of these references to verify any of the information submitted by the applicant or to solicit further comments on the applicant.

Important: SEAPA requires all applicants to submit application information every year, regardless of previous applications or acceptance.

B. Story proposal

Please follow this outline for your story proposal and email to fellowship@seapa.org:

  1. Proposed specific topic/title

  2. Abstract of the story (max. 200 words)

  3. Story-plan methodology including:

    1. List of relevant documents required (primary and secondary sources)

    2. List persons to be interviewed

    3. List places to be visited

    4. Tentative timetable for the fieldwork: activity, place, date

  4. Existing reading or references related to your proposed story.

  5. Reasons why you think this story is important in the context of the issue/theme, the Southeast Asian region and the media in your country. (max 100 words)

We encourage applicants to submit their story proposals early, and to review the proposal after submission. Changes to story proposals may be made before the submission deadline. SEAPA may advise an applicant to revise a story proposal to help an application qualify for selection; for example in case of similar topics proposed.

C. Personal Statement

Please write a short essay of between 800 and 1,000 words answering the following questions:

1. What are your values and aspirations that guide your work as a journalist?

2. Why did you join this fellowship?

3. How do you think this Fellowship will help you as a journalist?

4. How would you assess/analyse the media situation in your country?


Please send the above documents  by email to fellowship[at]seapa.org.

Emailed documents may be submitted one at a time, but all before the set deadline. Please use the following format in the subject field: <Year> – <applicant’s name> – <document submitted*>. For example: 2015 – <your name> – Story Proposal/Personal Statement*

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