Coup makers’ six orders to the media on 22 May

A series of orders issued on May 22, 2014 by the NCPO[1]

Order No. 4: On the broadcast of radio and television and community radios

All state and private radios and televisions and cable and satellite televisions are asked to suspend their normal programs and only broadcast the link of the Army’s radio and television

Order No. 12: Seeking cooperation from social media community

Ask Internet service providers and those involved in social media networks to suspend contents that instigate violence, unreliable and disrespectful of the law and resist the operations of NCPO.

Order No. 14: Banning incitement of conflict and resistance to the operation of NCPA

Prohibit business operators of all media outlets, programs, editors, masters of ceremony and journalists from interviewing or seeking opinions of former government officials, the academe, the judiciary and justice system and independent organisations that seek to enlarge the conflict, distort facts, cause confusion in the society and may lead to the use of violence.

Offenders will be summoned and punishable by law and circulation of their publications and their broadcasts will be suspended immediately.

Order No. 15: Suspension of broadcasts of 15 satellite, cable and digital television and community radio stations.

Ask 15 terrestrial, satellite, cable, digital television and and a number of unlicensed community radios to immediately suspend their broadcast.

14 satellite television: MV5, TNN, UDD, Asia Update, P&P, 4Channel, Bluesky, FM TV, T-News, ASTV, Hot TV, Rescue and Network of Student and People for Reform of the Country

1 Cable TV: Voice TV

Order No. 17: Dissemination of news and information on Internet

1. Ask all Internet service providers to keep track, check and suspend news and information that are distorted and incite to cause unrest and undermine state security and public morale.

2. To report to the headquarters of the National Broadcast and Telecom Commission on May 23, 2014.

Order No. 18: Content Filtering and Censorship

Ask operators and service providers of all media outlets (print, broadcast, satellite cable, digital, Internet and social media) to filter and censor the following contents:

1. False messages, or those deemed as insulting, causing hatred to the king, his heir apparent and all members of the royal family

2. News and information that will threaten national security and defame persons.

3. Criticism against the operation of NCPO, its officers and parties concerned

4.  Audio files, photos, video clips that expose secrets of the operation of government agencies.

5. Threaten to harm or harm persons that causes panic and fear among the public.

6. News and information deemed as causing confusion, inciting conflicts and causing disunity in the kingdom.

7. Encourage and mobilize an assembly for an operation to resist officers of NCPO and parties concerned.

All above cited media has the duty to publish news and information provided by the NCPO

[1] National Council for Peace and Order, originally called National Peace and Order Maintaining Council (NPOMC)

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