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Pressure on the draft press law

by the Timor Leste Journalist Association (TLJA) [This report is also available in Bahasa Indonesia] The drafting process for Timor… Read More

The laws of state impunity

Blogging has replaced journalism as the most dangerous job in Vietnam in the Internet era. “It’s dangerous indeed. But it’s… Read More

A wasted opportunity to address impunity

[SEAPA Impunity Report 2013] The flare up of political unrest still currently smoldering in Thailand could have been an opportune moment for the country to learn that impunity is unacceptable – whether committed by state… Read More

On the road to Sharif Aguak: Still No Justice in Sight

[SEAPA Impunity Report 2013] One way to illustrate the continuing reign of impunity in the Philippines is to revisit the… Read More

Impunity is the law

[SEAPA Impunity Report 2013] In August 2013, Heng Serei Oudom became the 11th media professional since 1994 whose murder has… Read More

Philippines, Vietnam worst countries for impunity in the region in 2013

The impunity situation in 2013 remains bleak in Southeast Asia with the same problems in the same countries highlighting state… Read More

Overcoming limitations to meet election reporting challenges

This article examines how Cambodian journalists reported during the 28 July elections, Cambodia’s fifth democratic, multi-party elections since the Paris… Read More

Working within bounds: Southeast Asia’s Press Freedom Challenges for 2013

As a whole[1], the region has moved backward on media freedom in 2012 with more restrictive laws being enacted by… Read More