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2010 Fellowship: An ASEAN Community: Vision or Delusion?

The theme revolved around ASEAN’s direction to develop “One Community”, founded on, among other things, a new charter, aspirations for… Read More

2009 Fellowship: The Challenge for Human Rights under the new ASEAN Charter

The ASEAN Charter was adopted at the 13th ASEAN Summit in November 2007 and came into force in December with… Read More

[Report] Gagging the Thai Press

2008 Fellowship: Covering Burma

The Saffron Revolution in Burma in September 2007 and the following political and humanitarian crisis in Burma underscored two things… Read More

[Manual] Your Right to Know


2007 Fellowship: Human Rights versus a culture of impunity in Southeast Asia

In 2007, Cambodia will underscore the importance of the need for justice, of the imperative to confront human rights violations,… Read More

2006 Fellowship: Religion a Force for Change in Southeast Asia

With more than 500 million people inhabiting tens of thousands of islands and speaking hundreds of native languages, ethnic and… Read More

2005 Fellowship: Covering Disasters in Southeast Asia

The 2005 Journalism Fellowship theme takes off from the devastating tsunami that started 2005 off on a somber note, but… Read More