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2011 Fellowship: Gearing up for an ASEAN Community

Theme: Gearing up for a community in 2015 – How free is the flow of information in ASEAN? For 2011,… Read More

History and Uncle Ho

NA CHOK, NAKHON PANOM, Thailand, and HANOI, Vietnam – Had he a moustache instead of stubble on his upper lip,… Read More

Virtual Reality Bites

BANGKOK – For someone facing charges that could have her spending as much as 50 years behind bars, Chiranuch Premchaiporn… Read More

Tempest over a Temple

BANGKOK – A few days after ASEAN held a successful annual meeting in August, two of its members restarted a… Read More

Shadowing Burma

PHNOM PENH – “Second Aung Sang Suu Kyi, second Burma,” says a line in a local newspaper here. The first… Read More

Gambling with the Generals

RANGOON – No one save for Burma’s military rulers was sure when exactly this country’s 2010 parliamentary elections were to… Read More

A Tale of Two Countries

JAKARTA—Twenty-five years ago, both Indonesia and Burma were ruled by totalitarian regimes that were known for their human-rights abuses and… Read More

Musings of a Mujaheedin

The following are excerpts from an interview by Chino Gaston with Yusoph Andirima, the alias of a man who Indonesian… Read More