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A Muddy Future

PORONG, EAST JAVA — The place is a wasteland, a ghost town. No people, no vegetation. All that’s here is… Read More

Thailand’s Great Divide

AYUTTHAYA, Thailand —  “Yes, they’re protecting the industrial estates,” says a visibly upset Ammy Zear Khankeaw. “But what happens to… Read More

Fishing for a Future

STUNG KOMBOT TOL, Cambodia – Their floating village is just a short boat ride away from Siem Reap, home of… Read More

From Foe to Friend

[Side bar story to: Fishing for a Future] PHNOM PENH –  At one point in the last decade, these shy,… Read More

Power and the People

MAHAXAY, Khammouane, Laos — When the first raindrops fell to signal the start of this year’s wet season,  villagers here… Read More

Struggling to Keep a Wild River Free

CHIANG MAI, Thailand – Last 14 March, hill tribes along the Thai-Burmese border momentarily left their homes and farms and… Read More

So far and yet so near

[Side bar story to: Oil Palm and Rivers Don’t Mix] KUALA KARANG, WEST KALIMANTAN, Indonesia — At the end of… Read More

Oil Palm and Rivers Don’t Mix

PONTIANAK, WEST KALIMANTAN, Indonesia — The economy of the world’s largest Muslim nation, a student here tells me, is financed… Read More