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From Madiun to the World Headlines

By: Coen Husain Pontoh MANILA – At about five in the morning of Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2002, over a dozen… Read More

The Aquino Papers

By Miriam Grace A. Go BANGKOK — For five months now, the Bangkok Post has been running daily on its… Read More

A Tale of Two Party-List Systems

By Miriam Grace A. Go BANGKOK—In a country like the Philippines, where the multibillion-peso-a-year illegal drug trade had been destroying… Read More

Democracy and the Media

By : Suriani Mappong GETTING USED to freedom is not easy. Just ask the media in the Philippines and Indonesia.… Read More

Scandal in the Temple

By Yasmin Lee Arpon BANGKOK — In this predominantly Buddhist country, a male is not considered a full-fledged man unless… Read More

A Rare Breed of Monks

By Yasmin Lee G. Arpon BANGKOK – Medfai is only four years old, but this early the little girl is… Read More

2008 Fellowship: Covering Burma

The Saffron Revolution in Burma in September 2007 and the following political and humanitarian crisis in Burma underscored two things… Read More

2007 Fellowship: Human Rights versus a culture of impunity in Southeast Asia

In 2007, Cambodia will underscore the importance of the need for justice, of the imperative to confront human rights violations,… Read More