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Thai-Muslim Students Abroad Eyed with Suspicion

By Nita Roshita Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Pattani, Thailand – The seven young people in the room look nervous. They want… Read More

A Legacy of Blood

By Maria Rita Hasugian PAILIN, CAMBODIA — The road was slippery, and several times the motorcycle taxi we were riding… Read More

The (Religious) Minorities’ Retort

By Allen V. Estabillo SHAH ALAM, Selangor, Malaysia – Except for the silver-plated sign at the left corner of its… Read More

Hindu Temples Under Siege

By Allen V. Estabillo KUALA LUMPUR — The moment he received the eviction notice from the Kuala Lumpur City Hall… Read More

Who’s Afraid of Pesantrens?

By Montri U-domphong PASURUAN, Indonesia – Having the largest Muslim population in the world, it is no surprise that Indonesia… Read More

Coming Through Slaughter

By Philip S. Golingai POSO DISTRICT, Indonesia – A dark sky threatens to unload torrents of rain down on Poso… Read More

When They Didn’t Turn the Other Cheek

AT one end of Jembatan II, a bridge connecting the Christian village of Ranononcu to the Muslim village of Gebang… Read More

The Hunter of Poso

ASWIR doesn’t know whether he had killed any Christians. All he knows is that when he was defending his home… Read More