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2009 Fellowship: The Challenge for Human Rights under the new ASEAN Charter

The ASEAN Charter was adopted at the 13th ASEAN Summit in November 2007 and came into force in December with… Read More

Political storm brewing

Source: Bangkok Post The Burmese government’s woefully inadequate response to Cyclone Nargis, coupled with its opportunistic attempt to sneak by… Read More

Burma crossing

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer By Patricia Evangelista THE MOEI RIVER LICKS THROUGH the gap between Thailand and Burma, nibbling away… Read More

Cyclone brought swift death to the poor

Source: The Jakarta Post By Ati Nurbaiti Tha Yote proudly held up his second-born child, which he said was still… Read More

Is there an end to Myanmarese agony?

Source: The Jakarta Post By Ati Nurbaiti Criticism continued last week against the Myanmar military junta which went on with… Read More

Junta must ensure relief aid reaches survivors (commentary)

Source: The Jakarta Post [Original title: Commentary: Myanmar junta must ensure relief aid reaches survivors] By Ati Nurbaiti Myanmar, we are… Read More

Death toll from Cyclone Nargis’ aftermath may be alarmingly high

Source: Star (Malaysia) By Hariati Azizan THE first thing that struck me when I arrived in Yangon, Myanmar, was how… Read More

Deceit, reprisal stalk referendum in Burma

Source: Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) By Tita Valderama MANDALAY, Myanmar — It was first scheduled for May 10… Read More