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#WPFD2017 Media face tighter controls amid growing crackdown on dissent

Bloggers, journalists, and news outlets have begun to utilise social media in particular as a means of sharing information regarding governance, human rights, and corruption. It should come as no surprise that The Royal Government of Cambodia’s (RGC), which plans to “crush” media outlets that endanger “peace and stability, has begun to devise legislative mechanisms to restrict online criticism.

Broadcast and online guidelines released on and after October 13.

The first guideline issued on 13 October 2016(1) states that: 1. All information regarding the death of the King via… Read More

Key UN official documents to #EndImpunity translated into 7 SEA languages

SEAPA is pleased to present these translations into seven Southeast Asian national languages of three core United Nations official documents relating… Read More

What we can do to end impunity

  Note: This is a simplified version of the United Nations Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and… Read More

Important UN Documents on the Safety of Journalists

Resolutions UN Security Council Resolution 1738 (2006) UN Human Rights Council Resolution 21/12 (2012) UN General Assembly Resolution 68/163 (2013) –… Read More