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Oh, What a Tangled Web They Weave

By Alfian Hamzah JAKARTA – He wasn’t the one the police were after that day in Manado, in North Sulawesi,… Read More

Many Mornings After

By Bhanravee Tansubhapol PHNOM PENH –  Five months ago, Sours Vichet would have probably thought twice before going around Phnom… Read More

Down and Out in Malaysia

By Moch. Faried Cahyono KUALA LUMPUR –  Their languages are similar, as are their cultures and many of their customs.… Read More

Broken Promise

By Jofelle P. Tesorio WEST KALIMANTAN, Indonesia — Engineer P. Sihotang, the local plantation services officer in Sanggau, here in… Read More

A Rouge Town

By Mic Mic Villaflor PAILIN, CAMBODIA – Elsewhere in  Cambodia, one may still stumble upon some concrete reminders of the… Read More

Military Ghosts in Aceh

By: Yee Siong Tong JAKARTA – The ongoing military operation against separatist rebels in Indonesia’s Aceh province seems to have… Read More

Something Fishy in Sumatra

By: Anucha Charoenpo BELAWAN, NORTH SUMATRA – Life has never been easy for the fisherfolk in this remote village in… Read More

From Madiun to the World Headlines

By: Coen Husain Pontoh MANILA – At about five in the morning of Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2002, over a dozen… Read More