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Timber a prime commodity after tsunami

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia – Six months after the tsunami, only a few survivors of Lampuuk could rebuild their houses, while… Read More

Return of the Natives

By Saranyoo Samakrathgit BAQUILAN, Zambales, Philippines – Swaths of land in this remote village in the Philippine north still looks… Read More

Living with Calamities

By Saranyoo Samakrathgit SONGSONG, Batanes, Philippines – It was already around seven o’clock at night, but Rosa Ydel recalls that… Read More

The Tsunami’s Invisible Victims

By Tint Zar Maw Phan-nga, Thailand – “Please help me. I’m hurt,” Ma Moe called out in her native language… Read More

A Disaster after Another

By Ye Naing Moe BANDA ACEH, Indonesia – Suleiman, chief of Lamkruet village in Aceh Besar district, Aceh, has come… Read More

Reformasi According to Malaysiakini

By Agus Sudibyo KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysiakini – Like many of the elections held across Asia this year, Malaysia’s March 2004… Read More

A Land Left Behind

By Grace Cantal-Albasin PATTANI, Thailand – About a week after the April 28 bloodbath in Thailand’s Muslim south, Prime Minister… Read More

Learning Behind Bars

By Grace Cantal-Albasin BANGKOK – Silk is 22 years old and would have graduated from university by now had she… Read More