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Lessons from History

By Mujtaba Hamdi KUALA LUMPUR – His friends said he was schooled in a madrasa (Islamic school), but when he… Read More

Islam’s Many Youthful Voices

By Myo Zaw JAKARTA – Wearing a short skirt that reveals her long legs, she walks onstage, her arms shaking… Read More

Hindus Against Anti-Porn Bill

BALI – When Forum Persaudaraan Mahasiswa Hindu Dharma (FPMHD), an organisation of Hindu students in Bali, was founded 14 years… Read More

The Burmese Way to Buddhism

By Wahyuana RANGOON — “Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu (good, good, good),” the maroon-robed monk with shaven head chants softly as he… Read More

Alms and the Monks

By Wahyuana RANGOON – They are known for their peaceful and tranquil ways and teachings, which is perhaps why Burma’s… Read More

Women Tough It Out in Post-Disaster Situations

By Tess Bacalla Women are known to bear the brunt of disasters. No sooner after a calamity hits does their… Read More

Learning Lessons from the Tsunami

By Murizal Hamzah PHUKET, Thailand – Friday, April 29, 2005, 10:30 a.m. A wailing siren broke the silence. Then around… Read More

Some Good from the Tsunami in Aceh

By Phan Chien Thang BANDA ACEH – “Please don’t use my name in the newspaper. I have a family and… Read More