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Umno Youth Ready For Dialogue On Media Issues With Malaysiakini

Source: Umno Youth is prepared to have a dialogue with malaysiakini journalists o­n press freedom and media issues, its… Read More

4 More Computers Released By Cops

[Source:] The police returned four more computers belonging to malaysiakini today. They were part of the 19 central processing… Read More

Police Return Six Seized Computers

[Source:] Two days after the police raided the office of news website malaysiakini and confiscated 19 computers, six of… Read More

Four More Quizzed, Police Accused of ‘Rudeness’

[Source:] Four more malaysiakini editorial staff were questioned by the police today over the publication of a controversial letter… Read More

Police Raid Wrong, Says Bar Council

[Source:] Joining other groups in condemning the raid on malaysiakini was the Bar Council which described the action as… Read More

Raid a Blow to Press Freedom, Say Human Rights Groups

[Source:] Several local human rights organisations today urged the police to return the computer hardware seized from malaysiakini’s office… Read More

Police Raid Independent Web Site Offices

KUALA LUMPUR, (Source: Reuters) — Malaysian police raided the offices of independent Web site Malaysiakini on Monday, days after ruling… Read More

Police Raid Office of Internet Newspaper

(Source: AFP) KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysian police Monday raided the office of a popular Internet newspaper and took away all… Read More