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#WPFD2017 The Devastating Decline of Free Expression and Press Freedom in Southeast Asia

On World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) 2017, the Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA) shares the following stories that demonstrate the devastating decline of free expression and press freedom in the region.

SEAPA Against All Efforts to Roll Back Media Freedom in Thailand

SEAPA express deep concerns over recent developments in Thailand, particularly with regard to the proposed the “Protection of Media Rights and Freedom, and Promotion of Ethics and Professional Standards” bill to regulate the media.

Ever-expanding powers of authorities set dangerous precedent

Two government agencies released announcements on 12 April 2017, a day before the start of a long holiday in Thailand. One suspended a radio station for five days, another prohibited online communication with monarchy critics.

Statement: No excuse for Environment Secretary’s treatment of reporter

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) condemns Environment Secretary Gina Lopez’s totally unjustified behavior toward BusinessWorld reporter Janina Lim, who she cursed and maligned Thursday (6 April 2017) for simply doing her job.

CMFR’s Statement on the President’s Attack Against the Media: The Cheapest Form of Harassment and Intimidation

Made publicly and without any bases whatsoever, the president’s allegations against the media constitute verbal abuse — the cheapest form of harassment and intimidation that has brought the highest office to a historic low.

NUJP to Duterte: Curses and threats cannot and will not prevent us from informing the people

“…your curses and your threats cannot and will not prevent us, the community of independent Filipino journalists, from fulfilling our duty to inform the people as best we can of what is happening to our country…”

TJA and TBJA: Request for the National Broadcasting Commission to revoke its order to suspend for seven days the digital broadcasting license of Voice TV

The Thai Journalists Association and the Thai Broadcast Journalists Association call on the National Broadcasting Commission to revoke the order to suspend the licence of Voice TV, which prevents broadcasts by the station as a whole.

SEAPA condemns NBTC order against VOICE TV

SEAPA found the NBTC decision deplorable given Thailand’s claim that it is moving toward normalcy and reconciliation. The NBTC’s suspension of VOICE TV is an extremely disproportionate response — an overkill shutting down the entire station and all its programming — to broadcast content that is well within the station’s prerogative.