[Indonesia] Violence against women journalists

The Indonesian press has not been free from violence and abuse against journalists. There were more than 60 cases recorded from 2017 to March 2018, with at least 20 percent of the cases involving women journalists. Cases of violence against and harassment of women journalists have been high in Indonesia. But many of them do not reveal or prefer to keep silent.

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Journalists Mahbubah Lubis (left) and Clara Julieta Lumbantoruan (center) were dismissed from state radio RRI in Medan on 1 January 2018. Photo taken during a meeting with FJPI Head Ramdeswati Pohan (right) on 24 February 2018.

Labor pains: Challenges of women journalists in Medan

Forum Jurnalis Perempuan Indonesia (FJPI, Indonesian Women Journalists Forum) shared experiences of their members who were dismissed from employment during their pregnancy.

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Unggah status di Facebook, wartawan lokal di Timika dikeroyok polisi (Local journalist beaten for Facebook post)

Saldi Hermanto, wartawan yang bekerja di sebuah situs berita nasional Okezone dan redaktur koran lokal, Salam Papua, di Mimika, Provinsi Papua, dikeroyok segerombolan polisi, Sabtu malam (11 November 2017). [Saldi Hermanto was beaten by police last Saturday (11 November 2017) night after criticizing their response to a commotion at a local night market.]

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[Indonesia] The hoax problem and other pressing issues

The surge in number of hoax cases has caused the government to create rules on blocking of websites that contain hoax, pornography, terrorism, religious tension, hate speech, and others that could potentially disturb the stability and peace of the country. The Communications and Information Ministry of Indonesia has blocked more than 800,000 websites.

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