[Cambodia] Free Former Radio Free Asia Journalists Jailed in Media Crackdown

[Cambodia] Former Radio Free Asia Journalists Jailed in Media Crackdown

On 14 November 2017, two former Radio Free Asia (RFA) reporters – Yeang Sothearin and Uon Chhin – were detained on groundless treason charges and face up to 15 years imprisonment. No evidence has been made public, their bail applications have been rejected and a trial date has still not been set six months after their arrests. 

Their arrests came amid an intense crackdown on free media and the opposition and two months after RFA closed its Cambodia office citing government repression and the silencing of its FM broadcasts. Both men were no longer working for the network when they were arrested but if they were then their journalistic work could hardly be characterised as treasonous. 

It was revealed on 29 March that the two former reporters face further trumped-up pornography charges under Cambodia’s anti-trafficking law.

These charges are a direct assault on freedom of the media and designed to frighten other journalists into silence.

[Khmer version can be accessed here.]

[Video produced by SEAPA partners and friends in Cambodia]

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