Defamation suit filed against Snap Shot journal

Mizzima/BURMA, 31 July – Journalist Herjule, who goes by one name, was granted bail on Monday in a defamation suit filed against the Snap Shot journal by the owner of a karaoke shop in Katha Township. Bail was set at US$ 3,371.

The owner of the Valentine Karaoke shop in Katha Township, Sagaing Region, filed a defamation complaint on July 16 against the writer and editor of the Snap Shot journal.

He also filed a second libel suit claiming US$ 561,798 in damages. A court hearing in the libel suit is scheduled for August 9.

Snap Shot editor-in-chief Myat Khaing said he had not yet received a summons in the defamation case. A second hearing is scheduled in that case for August 20.

The defamation and libel cases stemmed from two articles that appeared in Snap Shot. After the first article was published, the karaoke shop owner, Myint Maung, asked for a clarification about the karaoke shop’s activities.

The editor assigned a writer to do a second article and it was published in April quoting three people in the neighborhood where the karaoke shop is located. Myint Maung then filed the defamation and libel suits.

The karaoke shop has since closed its business.

The Snap Shot journal has asked lawyer Thein Than Oo of the Lawyers’ Network to represent it in the suit.

Editor-in-chief Myat Khaing said he hoped that the case would be determined by the rule of law. [via Mizzima news]

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