Book and website launch on the peace process

deciphering myanmar peace processDate & Time: Feb 16th, 2013, 2-3:30 pm

Venue: Belle Villa Resort  (Maew Ra Reung Room)

After decades of protracted civil war with the ethnic armed groups the new nominally civilian government has made serious initiatives towards establishing ceasefires with all of the various groups. Understanding the peace process is confusing to say the least. The conflicts in Myanmar is complicated not only by the large numbers of ethnic armed groups, each competing for their own regional and domestic interests, but also by the lack of transparency by all sides.

In order to understand the peace process that is well underway Burma News International (BNI) has created the Deciphering Myanmar’s Peace Process book. This one-stop reference guide (194-pages) provides an overall picture of the problems resulting from the ongoing conflicts. It identifies the root causes that need to be addressed and maps out the entire structure of the peace plan. BNI has also created the Myanmar Peace Monitor website. Like the book the website provides detailed histories about all of the actors involved and necessary information for understanding the peace process in Myanmar. Both the book and website will serve as indispensable tools for media and other stakeholders who need the straight facts.

Please join us for the book and website launch on Feb.16. During this time free copies of the book will be made available for all attendees. Refreshments will also be served.

Burma News International (BNI) is a unique alliance of 11 independent media organizations, 9 of which represent different ethnic groups from Myanmar. BNI’s bases of operation include Yangon and many of the countries bordering with Myanmar. Our memberships’ extensive networks provided unparalleled access to timely, detailed information about Myanmar’s various ethnic non-state armed groups, community-based organizations and government compiled in this book. As Myanmar undergoes one of the most significant political transformations in the country’s history, BNI will continue to monitor and advocate for both media freedom and transparency leading towards democracy and sustainable peace.

For More information:

Ms. Nan Paw Gay,  + 66 (0) 87 2099 772
Mr. Sai Leik,  + 66 (0) 80 7796 458
Mr. Khuensai Jaiyen,  + 66 (0) 81 531 2837

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