Assassin of journalist sets demands for surrender

Source: The Philippine Star

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines – The policeman who was tagged as the killer of Pagadian City journalist Edgardo Damalerio has reportedly set demands for his surrender to police authorities, officials said yesterday.

Western Mindanao Police director Chief Superintendent Servando Hizon said negotiation is ongoing for the peaceful surrender of PO1 Guillermo Wapile, the prime suspect in the gunslaying of Damalerio more than two years ago in Pagadian City in the southern Philippines.

Hizon told newsmen that the wife of Wapile, who is in contact with them, said that Wapile may surrender under certain conditions. The conditions include the assurance from the police that nothing would happen to him if he surrenders and that he will be allowed to post bail.

“He also wants that if proven innocent he will be reinstated to his old post,” Hizon said.

The police have already communicated with Wapile’s legal counsel regarding his demands.
Hizon also denied that they have the wife of Wapile in custody to pressure the suspect to surrender to authorities

“That she is under our custody means that we have constant contact. She is not tied up,” Hizon clarified.

The police director also reported they have not imposed any deadline for Wapile’s surrender, citing that the suspect is hiding outside their area of jurisdiction. But Hizon said they are coordinating with the police commanders in the area where Wapile is suspected to be hiding.

Damalerio, a hard-hitting radio commentator and managing editor of Zamboanga Scribe, a weekly local newspaper based in Pagadian City, was gunned down on May 13, 2002 while aboard his jeep near the police headquarters in Pagadian City

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