Another Radio Broadcaster Survives Shooting Attack

Originally published on the CMFR website on 5 September 2017


CMFR/PHILIPPINES — A local radio broadcaster survived attack on Thursday, 24 August 2017 in Legazpi City, Albay. Legazpi City is 339 kilometers south of Manila.

Carlos Sasis, a village council member and host of the commentary and public affairs program Dos Manos, was parking his car in front of Zagitsit News FM along Imelda Roces Avenue in Brgy. Cruzada when a gunman wearing a helmet fired at his vehicle at around 8:50 am. The suspect fled on a motorcycle with a companion.

Sasis was unhurt after three bullets hit the tires. Police also recovered one dud bullet from the crime scene.

Shortly after the shooting incident, Wally Magdato, Sasis’ co-host in the program, received a text message that said the bullets were meant for him. In a phone interview with CMFR, Sasis said Magdato received the threat, which said that he would be killed if he did not stop his program. Sasis was clueless as to why the suspect only targeted his partner if the attack was work-related.

Magdato reported to the police that he had been receiving death threats from unidentified persons.

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