Support for Southeast Asian journalists to cover IGF 2014

SEAPA is inviting applications for journalists in the region interested to attend and cover the 9th Annual Internet Governance Forum Meeting, on 2-5 September, 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey. SEAPA first supported journalists to the IGF in Indonesia in 2013 to encourage media interest and coverage of the proceedings.

This year, SEAPA will support up to THREE (3) journalists from Southeast Asia who meet the eligibility criteria and submit their complete applications.

Deadline for applications is 10 AUGUST 2014. Applications should be sent to and marked IGF2014 in the subject.

Click here for details of the IGF, including the draft agenda.


  • The call is open to journalists and bloggers from Southeast Asia with demonstrated relevant and adequate experience in covering ICT – policy, infrastructure, legal framework, development, and ICT and gender.
  • Interested applicants should send a one-page proposal or not more than 500 words on why you should be selected to attend the IGF, accompanied by an updated CV, story proposals, and two recent articles related to the topic. They should also include names and contact details of two referees in their CVs.
  • Applicants should have valid passports and are able to secure time from their employers to travel.
  • Applicants should also commit to share at least one article with SEAPA from the forum (takeaways, observations etc) and publish articles from the forum in mainstream media outlets.

* Not eligible under this call are : those who were supported in the 2013 IGF and journalists employed by  foreign news agencies/corporations, even if  based in the region.

Up to three (3) working journalists in any media outlet in Southeast Asia who research and write on information, communication and technology (technical, legal, policy aspects) or ICT for development, gender and ICT, politics and business. They should demonstrate interest and relevant experience in the issues and have the commitment to to report and discuss on issues of internet rights, policies and governance in their media to mainstream the issues. They will represent, as best as possible, the countries in the region and diverse media platforms, particularly in countries with restrictive media environments.

This opportunity is also open for independent bloggers, but who must make prior arrangements for their articles to be published in mainstream media outlets.

The selection will be decided by the SEAPA secretariat.


In 2013, SEAPA supported the participation of seven journalists and four activists from the region to the 8th Internet Governance Forum in Bali, Indonesia. It was the first initiative to bring the media and free expression activists within SEAPA’s network to a forum that has primarily been dominated governments, the private sector, the technical community and ICT-related civil society groups. SEAPA’s contribution aimed at generating media attention and interest in the issues discussed at the IGF, and this was achieved through the publication of articles about and from the forum. In addition, the participation of civil society organisation representatives allowed both groups to interact and be aware of the significance of net governance on the different communities.

Click here to read reports from the IGF2013 by SEAPA-sponsored participants.

As part of SEAPA’s interest in the area of net governance in the context of freedom of expression and access to information, it is proposed that we support participation of journalists at the forums for exposure and coverage. In order to ensure sustainability, the support will target up to three (3) journalists annually with mainstream media so that the reach of the outputs can be wider.

Objectives of the support:

  1. To ensure media freedom issues are represented at the forum by encouraging network members to use the opportunities to raise concerns or recommendations related to freedom of expression
  2. To sustain media interest from Southeast Asia on the developments in the multistakeholder process for internet governance.


  1. Two articles/reports to be published by SEAPA on (1) the relevance of deliberations on online freedom of expression or online human rights to the Southeast Asian region or their specific country; and (2) any other discussion at the IGF or thematic topics related to internet governance resulting from interviews, research, etc.
  2. Any other article/s written to published in the journalists’ respective websites/publications.

Applicants must write story proposals of their prospective articles on the IGF 2014. These proposals will be part of the basis for selection.

Participating in the forum

Participants are encouraged to plan their attendance as well as interview opportunities during the forum as there are many sessions that run concurrently. This may also include informal dialogues with their respective country officials on government priorities in relation to internet governance and perspectives on internet freedom issues.

SEAPA encourages the participants to consider issues of freedom of expression, access, surveillance, rights to privacy, gender aspects of net governance, and the impact of net governance challenges to citizens’ rights to information, as among the themes to be explored.

The activity will support participation at the forum, to be held in Istanbul, Turkey from 2-5 September.

Details of the grant

The grant will cover the following expenses:

  • Economy class return ticket from home country to Istanbul. Arrival is tentatively on 1 September and departure on 6 September. Flight arrangements will be done by the SEAPA office.
  • Accommodation for 5 nights (including breakfast, other expenses to be borne by the participant, including extended stay). Bookings will be facilitated by the SEAPA office.
  • Meal allowances and incidental costs equivalent to and not more than USD60 per day for 6 days (where meals are provided by the organisers, the amounts will be deducted from the total reimbursables).
  • Local transportation in Istanbul of not more than USD10 per day
  • Reimbursement for local transportation to and from airports in home country and in Istanbul, visa fees and airport fees. Please keep all original receipts for reimbursements.

All other costs are to be borne by the participant.

Successful applicants will be required to arrange for their own visas (the IGF secretariat usually issues invitation letters that can be used to apply for visas).

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