2015 Fellowship: Covering the Coverage of the Elections in Myanmar

SEAPA selected the theme of “Media coverage of the 2015 Myanmar General Elections” to draw attention and examine different aspects of this challenge that the media community in the country during the 2015 elections. While international and regional reportage focused on the conduct of the poll as well as its outcome, it was also important to look at how the country’s media performs in the context of this exercise.

From the contexts of the media situation and electoral exercises in their respective countries, journalists around Southeast Asia possess important perspectives that can help the local media community unpack their upcoming experience in the general election. Regional journalists can also learn their own lessons from how the media in Myanmar cope with the challenges that they share with the rest of the country, from within their role in promoting freedom of expression in the political arena.

The 2015 Fellows:

The 2015 SEAPA Fellows. From left: Bernard Cheah, Shinta Maharani, Ryan Rosauro and Chino Gaston

Bernard Cheah is a Malaysian journalist working for the Sun Daily.

Chino Gaston is a Filipino journalist working for the GMA News TV. In his spare time, he advocates media safety.

Ryan Rosauro is a Filipino independent journalist writing news articles for several mainstream media in the Philippines.

Shinta Maharani is an Indonesian journalist working as the Yogyakarta based correspondent for Tempo Magazine, Indonesia.

Chino and Ryan are returning SEAPA Fellows, both having participated in the 2010 Fellowship.

SEAPA reports on the 2015 Fellowship:

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