2012 Fellowship: Threats to Rivers

Documenting Threats to the Rivers of Southeast Asia: Looking through the Journalist’s Lens

The mighty Mekong river flows through five countries in the region – Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Vietnam and Thailand – and is home to millions of people, whose lives are interconnected with the river. In Burma, the Irrawady that flows the length of the country from the north to the south, is more than just a river: it is the soul of the nation. The large island of Borneo is home to three majestic rivers—the Rejang and Kinabatangan in Malaysia and Mahakam in Kalimantan.

But these rivers are at risk: from being biologically dead, to being affected by climate change. The impact is great, not only to the environment but also to the communities living along the rivers. The Lower Mekong Basin for example, is at risk of several climate change impacts, such as increase in mean temperature and higher rainfall. Annual floods, while having its benefits on the ecosystem, also wreak havoc when overall management is not properly done.

The 2012 Fellows:

2012argentinaArgentina Cardoso (Ms.)  is a reporter of Radio and Television Timor Leste (RTTL) in Dili.

Article: A Muddy Future


2012belindaotordozBelinda M. Otordoz (Ms.) is a news correspondent of the Manila Times newspaper. She is based in Lucena City, capital of Quezon province, some 135 kms south of Manila.

Article: Thailand’s Great Divide


2012filiasambuagaFilia Sambuaga (Ms.)



2012ghepnavinGhep Navin (Mr.) is a correspondent for the Khmer service of Radio France International (RFI). He is based in Phnom Penh.

Article: Power and the People


2012josephpangketJoseph C. Pangket (Mr.)



2012khinsuwaiKhin Su Wai (Ms.) is acting editor at the Mandalay Branch of the Myanmar Times.

Article: Struggling to Keep a Wild River Free

Spot report published in Myanmar Times: Transformed Riverscapes Inspire SE Asian Artists


2012kritsadaKritsada Subpawanthanakun (Mr.) is a reporter for the Bangkok-based Thailand Information Centre for Civil Rights and Investigative Journalism (TCIJ).

Article: Oil Palm and Rivers Don’t Mix

    Sidebar: So Far Yet So Near


2012piyapornPiyaporn Wongruang (Ms.) is a senior reporter of the Bangkok Post.

Supplement: Mekong at a Crossroads (a photo essay)

Spot reports published in Bangkok PostMRC nations invited to visit damLaos denies lying about dam constructionPower plays on the MekongNew home not where the heart is for Xayaburi locals


2012prakaidaoPrakaidao Baengsuntia (Ms.) is a reporter for Bangkok Biznews.

Article: China’s Mega Power Play

Sidebar: A Community Needing Green Regulations


2012raydesbarciaRaydes B. Barcia (Ms.) is a correspondent for the Manila Times newspaper. She is based in Albay province, which is in southern part of the Philippines’ main island, Luzon.

Article: Mekong Delta Blues


2012tranthuybinhTran Thuy Binh (Ms.) is an editor of the Climate Change section of the Hanoi Radio and Television website.

Article: Fishing for a Future

Sidebar: From Foe to Friend

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