2010 SEAPA Journalism Fellowship

‘An ASEAN Community by 2015: Vision or Delusion?’

The Southeast Asian Press Alliance (SEAPA) is calling for applications to its 2010 Journalism Fellowship Program.

For nine years now, the SEAPA Journalism Fellowship Program has provided Southeast Asian journalists a platform to more deeply and extensively explore socio-economic and political issues that cut across the region. The program gives Fellows in-depth training and backgrounder — delivered by experts from various government, non-government, and academic sectors — on a particular theme, and then two to three weeks of sponsored time to explore and cover the same theme in a second Southeast Asian country.

For the 2010 Fellowship, SEAPA calls for applications from regional journalists interested in exploring the theme, “An ASEAN Community by 2015: Vision or Delusion?” The theme revolves around ASEAN’s direction to develop “One Community”, founded on, among other things, a new charter, aspirations for a common market, with more liberal trans-boundary labor movement, and even a push for a common understanding of human rights.

Interested journalists are encouraged to further review recent developments in ASEAN, including the passage of a new ASEAN Charter, the convening of an ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights, the formation of an ASEAN Committee on Women and Children, and the initiatives for an ASEAN body that will look into matters of migration and labor. SEAPA would be interested in Fellowship proposals that would explore the realities, challenges, promise, difficulties, politics, and economics of the very notion of an ASEAN Community with shared values, aspirations, and norms. Such explorations could look into issues that include, but is not limited to, questions such as:

What does “human rights” mean in the ASEAN context?
Are the people of ASEAN even aware of each other?
How do the people of ASEAN perceive each other? Treat each other?
What would a common ASEAN market look like? Who will win? Who will lose?
What can we learn from community building efforts in Europe, Africa, and the Americas?
Migrant workers and/or refugees: What do they already tell us about the current ASEAN “community”?
What might it mean to be a “citizen of ASEAN”?
What are the economic and political barriers to becoming a community?

All applicants are encouraged to submit and explore their own questions and ideas.

Who may apply:
The 2010 SEAPA Journalism Fellowship is open to journalists who 1) are citizens of Southeast Asian countries (ASEAN-member nations, and East Timor); and 2) have at least five years professional experience in print, broadcast, or online news media

A working knowledge of English is necessary to fully participate in the program, but is NOT a prerequisite to applying or acceptance.

The 2010 programme will run from July 5-30, 2010 and will include two workshops on each end of the Fellowship period. The fellows will spend time in a second ASEAN country to explore their proposed topic. Fellows will be required to produce and publish in their home news organization a major journalistic piece on the same topic.

SEAPA will cover travel, accommodations, meal and other related expenses.

Journalists who are interested in the Fellowship are invited to fill up an application form downloadable from the SEAPA website ( www.seapa.org ), along with a story proposal on the theme. The proposal should be no more than 1,000 words. Applicants are also asked to submit two articles published this year or in 2009, curriculum vitae and a written consent
from an immediate superior or editor that he/she is allowed to take part in the programme. Freelancers may submit a certification/endorsement from an editor of media organisations where they work.

Deadline for applications is May 31, 2010.

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